Vaco Raleigh To Add mailVU As New Communication Tool

As part of Vaco Raleigh’s efforts to continue to provide the most innovative services, we are testing and soon launching regular use of mailVU. This new communication tool program allows you to send and receive video e-mails in a format convenient for easy delivery and responses. It has impressed us so much that we are rolling it out for regular use by the end of February, and we hope to encourage all Vaco offices to participate in the program, as well as our clients and prospects. In our opinion, mailVU is a worthy addition to the top suite of programs that make Vaco Raleigh a leading firm in the Triangle in filling positions in select businesses with the right talent and making the process work for all involved.

 For more on this, read the blog they wrote about its use by one of our partners below, or you can read the blog at the mailVu site.

 For Crystal Suazo, learning about mailVU a few weeks ago came about after a couple of serendipitous events.

First, let me give a little background on her; she is a partner with the Raleigh, N.C. office of recruitment and consulting firm Vaco. Vaco is a nationwide company that specializes in contract, special project and direct hire services for accounting and finance, information technology, operations and executive search. Suazo, a former public accounting CPA, handles consulting on the accounting side of the firm.

She admits that she was wowed by the free video email service when she saw it in action.

“I’m not that easily impressed, but I thought it was so cool,” Suazo said of the demonstration given to her by mailVU’s founders, Alan Fitzpatrick and Addy Kapur.

The timing proved perfect since just a few weeks prior to learning about mailVU, Suazo attended a sales training session in Nashville, Tenn. where using video was a major discussion topic.

“The trainer talked heavily about using video for testimonials to increase credibility, presence and sales,” Suazo said.

The next part I’m about to write leads me to believe that a relationship with Vaco Raleigh and mailVU was certainly meant to be:

Suazo held her own training session for a group of new-hires to Vaco Raleigh. Afterward, she asked the trainees about new and exciting products in the tech world. A professed techie, Suazo said she likes to be on the cutting edge of new technology that could be used to help brand and market business.

One of her trainees showed her a video email ‘thank you’ she had received from our CEO after TechJournal South’s Deck Party, a tech networking event held in Raleigh last fall. That video mail, combined with the knowledge that video will play an integral role in sales and marketing, led to Suazo’s meeting with mailVU and eventually getting a Vaco-branded customized video email service plan.

For the last few weeks, Suazo said she has been “test driving” the new service and using it with other applications. She has been working with mailVU to tweak it to 100 percent usability to suit her needs.

“What has been really great is the hands-on and direct contact to give feedback and added functionality,” Suazo said of working with mailVU’s execs. She added that she likes the responsiveness she gets whenever she has any questions or troubleshooting issues.

Right now, Suazo is acting as ‘guinea pig’ before she rolls the service out completely in her office, a move she plans to make by the end of February. She also hopes to introduce mailVU to Vaco’s 26 other nationwide branches shortly after that.

“I’ve been sending it to clients, candidates, networking groups – using it across multiple disciplines,” Suazo said, explaining that she has also sent video mails to the networking and non-profit groups she belongs to. The reaction of those she has shared the service with has been, as expected, phenomenal.

“Oh my gosh, people are beside themselves, people think it’s the coolest thing they’ve seen,” Suazo said.  “Some said this was the first video email they’d ever received.”

Suazo said she hopes to be able to integrate her branded video messages onto her company’s website and business networking site LinkedIn, so working with mailVU to get full functionality is of the utmost importance.

“Having a company that’s open and responsive to making revisions has helped me have confidence to use it as a tool and eventually integrate it on a national level for our sales organization,” Suazo said.

She also likes that mailVU’s execs understand that everyone isn’t going to use the service in the exact same way, so they are open to suggestions, “I’m going to use it differently than a teacher who records 10-minute lessons and someone on our tech team will use it differently than I will,” she said.

Suazo is also very excited to be at the forefront in using the service, “It’s not often when you come across something new, different and cutting edge that’s not strictly social media.”

It’s always terrific to hear how much people love our video mail service and we are so happy to hear Crystal Suazo of Vaco is pleased with not only mailVU’s video mail service, but with its customer service.

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-Kamilla Gary Wyatt

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