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The Importance Of Good References For Job Candidates

When interviewing for a job, the references that go along with your resume are usually going to be what seals the deal between you and your future company.  It is a scary thought to think that the opinions and views of others (those you listed as references) are what could make or break this job for you.  A common misconception is that companies don’t call the references you have listed, but on the contrary, there is nothing further from the truth.  Although it is true that the reason for references isn’t to do a background check, make no mistake that the company you are applying for will certainly call one or two of your references. 

If you and one other person were tied in terms of qualifications for a job, it is vital that your references are people that you can completely trust to give you a good review if called upon.  Suggesting to the new company you apply for that they call your past CEO at the old firm might not be the best idea.  You want someone who can accurately describe how you are as an employee and as person.  But in order for that to happen, it needs to be someone who has worked closely with you. Your references need to be people who know what you are capable of as a worker.

Notifying your references before you list them as a reference is also a must.  There is a possibility that they would not want to speak on your behalf, or might not feel like they could present the most accurate representation of you to your future employer.  You want your references to feel familiar with this process, and you need to make sure that they feel comfortable helping you out.

The references you list in addition to your resume are one of the most important aspects of the interview process, besides your qualifications, of course.  You need to be able to trust those you listed as references, and you need to be confident that they will do nothing but help you gain this new job.  It is frightening to know that your “dream job” is in the hands of others, but you can make the references you list work to your favor.

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4 Mistakes To Avoid With an Interim Job Interview

An interim job is one you take with the knowledge that it will be temporary, often within a specified, brief time period, and sometimes with a specific task attached.  But just because it is temporary does not mean that an interim job will not have a long-term effect on your career.  And if you want that job, you must prepare yourself and take the interview process and the job itself very seriously.   

Avoid these four common mistakes as you prepare for an interim job interview:

Mistake No. 1:  Too Cavalier An Attitude

The job is important enough to your potential employer to take the time and money to staff it, so you must not adopt an attitude that is casual or indifferent toward the responsibilities of the position, especially if you are overqualified or believe the job is beneath you.  Instead show your earnestness and your strong desire not only to accomplish what the position demands, but also to excel at it.  In other words, be prepared to give 100 percent or more to ensure your success at this job, and be sure to let that attitude show in the interview.


Mistake No. 2:  Failure To Obtain the Complete Picture

This mistake has to do with communication and is quite common.  Often a company will hire an interim manager, for example, yet fail to inform the manager fully during the job interview exactly what the needs of the organization are and what they hope to accomplish.  This lack of complete communication only sets you up for ultimate failure, so be sure to ask plenty of questions during the interview process.  The more you understand about what the company’s objectives are, the better you will be able to perform.


Mistake No. 3:  Lack of Preparation

Do your research about the company interviewing you ahead of time and do not skimp on this step just because the job is temporary.  Insider knowledge is invaluable if you can get it by contacting and speaking with a business acquaintance or someone from your social media network who knows about the company in question.  Sometimes a company will hire an interim employee with unrealistic expectations about what that person can accomplish during the specified time period.  If you do your research and find out all the detail possible prior to the interview, you will know what questions to ask.  And if the expectations or timetables are unrealistic, be prepared to let the interviewer know why and exactly what you believe you can do for the potential employer, given the time and the situation.   It’s also important to consider the agency placing you on the job and their knowledge of the company, manager, and position you are interested in.


Mistake No. 4:  Not Giving the Interview Your Full Attention

You would be surprised at how many people make this mistake!  It almost goes without saying that you should not chew gum, nibble a sandwich, check emails, send a text or answer your cell phone during an interview, but people do. 

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