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Obama Stresses Science and Technology as a Crucial Part of Economic Growth

President Barack Obama’s desire to create more jobs in an effort to boost economic growth has caused much talk in the technology-centered Triangle area. Science and technology sector job growth will play an important role in boosting national economic strength.

According to White House data, for every one job opening across the nation, there are four job-seekers. Science and technological jobs are the opposite. In fact, many science and tech businesses are finding it difficult to fill their open positions with high-skilled workers. Why is there such a low level of competition for these types of jobs?

Currently, only 14 percent of undergraduate students are studying science, technology, engineering or math.  Of that small percentage of students, nearly one-third will change their individual course of study over their college careers.

Why Can Technology Make a Greater Difference?

The president has recently credited competition from other countries for the increased need for a strong science and technology industry. China and India, two of the nations that value the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in these fields, are taking charge of the job market. They are taking jobs from the American people, and, in turn, are reaping the benefits of success. With a lack of interest in technological careers, the United States is falling behind in science-related fields that are crucial to our national success and international reputation.

By keeping these industries and jobs in America, our nation can continue to drive the global economy in an upward direction.

What You Can Do

As an individual looking for a job, already working in a steady position or working to excel in your career, there is no room for complacency.  To keep yourself competitive, you must work to improve yourself, your education and your professional standing.

By taking additional courses or attending industry-specific conferences and seminars, as a professional, you can not only improve your chances of getting a better job, but also help in growing the technology industry as a whole.

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“Green” Jobs And The Power Industry

Many areas throughout the nation are experiencing a growth in the green job market, and the Triangle is no exception, but this increase in green power is also re-inventing the power industry as a whole. In an article seen in Today’s Engineer, our own Sid Mitchener, partner at Vaco, along with other professionals, discuss the changes that are occurring in an industry that is crucial to everyday life.



Career Focus: Power Engineering

By John R. Platt


Is power engineering a career in crisis, an industry on hold, or a field ripe for opportunity?

Yes to all three.

According to experts, the power engineering field is about to undergo a major 1-2-3 punch that will shake it up more than at any other point in its history:

  1. “Green” energy technologies — such as the smart grid, solar, wind, battery storage and other areas — are about to totally transform the business of energy generation, transmission and distribution.
  2. But at the same time, many — if not the majority — of the people currently working in power engineering are rapidly approaching retirement age and may soon leave the profession.
  3. Meanwhile, not nearly enough new engineers are entering the power engineering profession to meet the anticipated demand that will be seen in the next five to ten years.

These pending shifts will present numerous challenges, but may also create just as many opportunities for those willing to embrace them.

(Click here to read the entire article in Today’s Engineer)

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